Among surveyed expert marketers, 85 percent of them claim that lead generation marketing specifically is the most crucial factor in their broader marketing arsenal. Despite that, only 42 percent of all business owners actually have an active strategy or plan in operation.

Potential customers or prospects who are in your target audience of those interested in buying a product or service which you offer are often called ‘leads’ in the world of digital marketing.

In order to capture this lead, you have to make them take an initial step into your sales cycle. Most marketing agencies see tremendous value in rolling out a variety of marketing tactics. This is what we in the industry collectively call lead generation marketing. This might include doing things like contacting your business directly, doing search engine optimization to drive organic visitors, just walking into your store, or completing a form or signing up for something online.

If lead marketing is not in your business’s overall marketing strategy, then you’re likely missing out on a lot of potential revenue.

Your business needs customers in order to grow. To get those customers, you have to market to the prospects to first get their attention.

This is where we can help you. Our expert team will craft an SEO plan for your business website and will help to rank it on Google and other search engines. With a better position on search engine result pages, you will see increased organic traffic and thus conversions.

Once you get leads, you can pass them on to your sales team who can convert them into actual buyers or paying customers. That might be as simple as adding people to an email list so you can nurture them further. Given the advancements in technologies, it might be possible for business intelligence software to actually track customer trends and product/service demand just from lead generation marketing data.

It’s no longer a case of putting out a newspaper ad and waiting for people to call you with inquiries. There are so many advertising platforms now, thanks to the expansion of technology, that consumers have moved away from traditional outlets like television and newspapers instead of digital websites and social media.

Now, there are many ways to capture leads. One is capturing leads by using website forms that offer things like free eBooks, videos, or newsletters. Google Ads is another way to capture leads, as is using email lists or even direct emails. You can’t ignore social media either, as people sometimes spend up to six hours a day on various social media platforms.

So, how do you hook leads before you reel them in and get them to spend money? The answer is usually content. How-to videos, webinars, blogging, and even contests are all good ways to lure in leads. If you use the right digital marketing agency, you can often get leads at less than $5 a piece!