Who We Are

Finding and targeting potential customers can be costly and very time-consuming. It requires resources and skills that you may not have on the day-to-day operation of your business.

The answer is simple; you want a service that is focused on maximizing your return on investment that will help generate new sales and profits for your business.

You want Fist Bumps Leads.

We are a thriving digital marketing B2B agency working in partnership with you to understand your individual business needs and your market. With this information, we build targeted search engine optimization and online marketing strategies tailored toward your business needs. We have a team of talented professionals who implement best local SEO practices to make sure that your business ranks on the 1st page of Google Search Engine Results

Our Working Strategy

Every business is unique and requires a unique marketing strategy to drive more customers and sales.

Here at Fist Bumps Leads, we work directly with businesses to understand their product or services, overall business model and necessities.

Once we have enough information on your business and working model, we create a unique marketing strategy which can be categorized into 4 parts

  1. Competition Research

We use industry standard tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, Majestic and Moz to analyze your market. We first identify your top competitors manually and use tools mentioned to see how much work is needed on our end to receive your desired results.

Once we have a list of your competitors, we use internal filters to find the top 10 competitors and see how we can do much better for you.

      2. In-depth Competition Analysis
We analyze each of your competitor’s website using Ahrefs and SEMRush to find their top ranking as well as revenue generating keywords.Then we spy on their link building strategy. We generate reports with a list of domains from where your competitors are building links.We then check the report using Majestic and Moz to do more in depth research. Finally, we use our years of experience in link building and outreach to build high-quality backlinks for your business website.

3. SEO and Sales Optimized Content Creation

We use the seed keywords to generate new topic ideas using Ahrefs keyword research and Content Explorer tools.

Then we analyze the top ranking pages manually and automatically using SEMRush for various factors like word count, keyword prominence and density, outbound links, etc.

Once we have every information, we start crafting your content by implementing the best on-page SEO practices. After content creation, we analyze the content with Moz Content Assistant Tool to ensure proper SEO implementation and to avoid over-optimization.

Our Success Secret

The reason we’ve had so many successful campaigns is down to focusing on lead quality over lead quantity, employing high-caliber motivated staff with extensive experience and a positive approach tailoring our service to your needs. Being results driven and being Canadian based with the office in Nanaimo, British Columbia on Vancouver Island if you want to increase your sales as soon as possible then contact us now. Our support team will reply to you as soon as possible and will help you arrange a teleconference with our marketing team.

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Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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